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'Scramble + Fate' is an album about loss and what might have been. Each track is a unique dance of gorgeous soundscapes, layered textures, violent rhythms and beautiful, longing melodies - some deliberate, some accidental.


Written and recorded in Will Larsen’s own recording studio, 'Scramble + Fate' utilises a broad palate of sounds and innovative instrumentation. Piano and electronics are combined with timpani, glockenspiel, vibraphone, tubular bells, tambourines, shakers, triangles, crotales and a massive labyrinth of drums, large and small. Each is used, not to create a cacophony of sound, but instead a particular mood, a distinctive timbre, often with the most delicate touch.


"A gorgeous aural tapestry." 

 A CLOSER LISTEN (Review | June 2016)


"Breathtakingly beautiful... exhilarating." 

STATIONARY TRAVELS (Review | June 2016)


"Timeless and serenely melancholic." 

ANTHEM REVIEW (Review | June 2016)

"Vivid dynamics... velvety timbres." 

MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU (Review | June 2016)


"Soundscapes that resonate on a primal level, linking ancient and futurist aesthetics in often-mesmerizing ways." 

JAZZIZ (Review | September 2016)

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