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Staying alive: horror soundtracks at the Fringe

Live scary music at Alive: Music for Night of the Living Dead, Enchanted Tales and Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror


'My big surprise watching Night of the Living Dead was, in fact, its poignancy.' So says Ben Singer, half of musical duo Modern Robot and perhaps one of only a handful of people ever to describe a zombie movie as poignant. In fairness, he's as surprised as anyone. 'It's not what I thought it would be, and that's a reason I now enjoy bringing this film to people so much...'


...That sense of deep-rooted fascination is shared by Will Larsen of Tess Said So, the band behind the Nosferatu screenings. 'My brother had a poster of Nosferatu up on his bedroom wall when we were young. The imagery of that poster intrigued me even as a kid, so when it came to choosing a silent movie, Nosferatu was a natural choice. It has very distinct, evocative characters full of depth and hidden agendas.'


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